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How To Create A Registry With Gifts That Give

How To Create A Registry With Gifts That Give - Gifts That Give

Have an occasion coming up? Learn how to create a registry with Gifts That Give:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to create a registry

  1. Choose a name for you registry

    This can be anything you like. For example “Cooper’s Birthday Registry”

  2. Add a message for your guests

    For instance, “Hi everyone. For my birthday this year, I wanted to do something a little different. Instead of receiving gifts, I have chosen to support the Thane SPCA. Please click below to donate. Thank you all for your gifts!”

  3. Choose the charity that you would like to support

    Check out our causes

  4.  Enter a start and end date for your registry

    These will be the dates between which your registry will be live and accepting donations.

  5. Select the donor list as on

    If it is off, you will not be able to view who has donated. However, you will be able to tell how much has been donated. 

  6. Agree With The Terms And Conditions

  7. Press Create A Registry

    After 10-20 Seconds, a popup will appear. Dismiss it and press on the name of your registry. 

  8. Share! 

    Share your registry with family and friends. Track donations on the donation dashboard page. 

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